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Nov 13th

Room partitions are usually called “splitters” or “screens.” Are used to divide the interior space for privacy or work. There are some designed for outdoor use to withstand the weather. The partitions are available in various styles for personal, educational, business, and facilities business.

unique room partitions
unique room partitions


Room partitions divide large areas into smaller areas. Homeowners normally used for practical as interior decoration. Schools use them to create smaller classrooms and learning spaces. Businesses use partitions to create room office cubicles, trade shows and to make extra room. Partitions are used at any time that an area need to be separated.

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The fourth partition types are accordion, foldable and portable panel (mobile, mobile). The accordion is normally supported by a roof, and is similar to a long curtain. Folding panel partitions consist of three or more panels that stop on their own and can be folded. Portable come with wheels to allow easy movement when needed.


Room partitions are made of a variety of materials. These materials include wood, cloth, bamboo, cane india, leather, glass, metal, vinyl and plastic. Each of these categories is further divided into many styles. Many rooms partitions can come with surfaces markers slates, chalk slates, tools sockets, or whiteboards for business or educational use.

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